What if your favorite TV show characters lived in Casper? Where would they hang out? Where would they work? We took a look at a few shows and guessed where they might be in our town. Which diner would the Seinfeld gang regular? Where would the Arrow's hideout be in Casper? These are some episode ideas if these fictional characters were in our real town.

  • Big Bang Theory Comic Book Store - Game Crossing

    Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard are picking up the new expansion pack of the Mystical Warlords of Ka’a at Game Crossing. Captain Sweatpants grabs the last pack of Western Bandits. They are forced to challenge him. If they lose, they have to make Penny have a date with the dreaded Sweatpants. If they win, they get Butch Cassidy and the rest of the Western Bandits expansion pack.

    CBS / Warner Bros Television
  • Arrow’s Hideout - The basement at the Wonder Bar

    Oliver Queen discovers that Ra's al Ghul is plotting to destroy some oil fields outside of Casper. Oli sets up his headquarters in the basement of the Wonder Bar and is determined to stop Ra's al Ghul at any cost.

    The CW / Warner Bros Television
  • Walking Dead - The Robert L. Adams Archery Range

    Michonne and Carl get ambushed by walkers on Casper Mountain. They are able to get to The Robert L. Adams Archery Range. They stop the walkers with a bow and arrows they find in a cabin.

  • Twin Peaks Hotel - Come On Inn

    When FBI Agent Cooper is investigating the murder of Laura Palmer, he stays at the Come On Inn. The modern log cabin feel is the perfect the place for a good cup of joe and place to rest his head. I’ll have to plead the fifth if you ask me who the Log Lady of Casper is.

    CBS Television Division / Republic Pictures
  • Gilligan's Island - Bus Tour Stranded in Casper

    Traveling with the Harlem Globetrotters in a bus nicknamed “The Minnow,” they get stranded in Casper. It was supposed to be a three hour ride. The Professor learns how to fly fish. Gilligan tries to help the Skipper fix the bus, but only gets the bus stranded in a ravine. Gillllligan!!!

    CBS Paramount
  • Friends Coffee House - Metro Coffee Company

    This is the one where Rachel gets fired from Metro Coffee Company. Rachel can’t get a single order right, and the management is sick of Ross yelling “We were on a break!” while she is working. They let her go and Phoebe writes a song for her called “That’s not my coffee, but I really like your hair.”

    NBC Wanner Brothers
  • The Diner in Seinfeld - Sherrie's Place

    While eating lunch at Sherrie's Place, George is telling Jerry about an incident that happened at the lake. Kramer stumbles in and spills coffee on George’s lap. As George goes to clean up, a waitress he is trying to woo sees the wet spot on his pants thinking he peed himself.

  • Moe's from the Simpson - Frosty’s Bar & Grill

    Homer gets fired again from the oil refinery and proceeds to park himself at the bar at Frosty’s. Moe tries to get Homer to join his multi-level marketing group and sell soap. Homer thinks his prayers are answered.

    20th Century Fox Television
  • Scrubs - Wyoming Medical Center

    JD and Turk are finishing their fellowship at Wyoming Medical Center. Dr. Cox still has plenty of nicknames for JD that all sound like barnyard animals.

    Disney ABC Domestic Production