It's not easy figuring out which areas in the nation have TERRIBLE FASHION SENSE...but considering this is a great chance to pick on some unfortunate people, someone wasn't afraid to call them out at one point or another. That is, unless, they are talking about our town...then, no.

According to a blog known as Motovo, they have been able to compile enough data to spotlight Top 10 worst dressed cities in America, ranked on top-tier clothing, accessories and show stories per capita. On top of that, they also researched the amount of tailors, seamstresses, and fashion schools.

Without further ado, here are the top ten worst:
The 10 Worst Dressed Cities By Movoto


#1.)  Wichita, Kansas.


#2.)  Colorado Springs, Colorado.


#3.)  El Paso, Texas.


#4.)  Jacksonville, Florida.


#5.)  Louisville, Kentucky.


#6.)  Tulsa, Oklahoma.


#7.)  Albuquerque, New Mexico.


#8.)  San Antonio, Texas.


#9.)  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


#10.)  Indianapolis, Indiana.