36 miles outside of Cody, at the end of a dirt road, are some of the most unusual and rare terrains in the lower 48.

The South Fork (a canyon located outside of the small town of Cody) is a world-class climbing destination, especially for extreme ice climbers.

Ice Climbing season generally goes from November to March and climbing the frozen waterfalls allows climbers access to areas of the canyon they couldn't access otherwise.

Take a look at this Wyoming PBS video that showcases a local climber and highlights his desire to go where no one has ever gone before.

Isn't it amazing that this is all only a few hours away from us?

I personally thought it was really cool (no pun intended) to see all the names for the ice falls.

"Bozo's Revenge"

"Too Much Goose"

"Broken Hearts"

And my favorite "Joy After Pain", as an avid hiker I can definitely relate to that one.

The question is, would you ever try climbing these?

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