Wyoming Game and Fish Department investigators have not found evidence of a mountain lion north of Casper, a spokeswoman said Monday.

"As of noon Monday, we have not been able to confirm any evidence of a mountain lion in the Homa Hills area," Janet Milek said.

"We have been able to find lots of dog tracks, dog hair caught on a woven wire fence," Milek said. "We have had reports from people that they have seen eye shine, but no direct correlation to a mountain lion at this time."

Game wardens and biologists remain on scene, she said.

Central Wyoming is mountain lion country, and Milek said the department wants people to take precautions such don't feed wildlife, don't have a lot of vegetation close to the house, keep lights on outdoors, feed pets indoors, don't leave children unattended, and don't hike alone.

This story will be updated when the Game and Fish Department has more information about this case.

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