Wyoming has some unique names for their cities like Ten Sleep, Chugwater, or Meeteetse. Yet there are some cities with less than original names. We found some cities in other states who share the same name as the cities in Wyoming. We used various websites to compare and contrast each of the matching cities. Some of the cities were similar. Some were complete opposites.

All population data comes from the 2010 census data.

  • Cheyenne in Wyoming vs Oklahoma


    For each of these cities, the word Cheyenne comes from the Native American tribe of the same name. In Oklahoma, the town is the historical site of the Battle of Washita River. Plus this Oklahoma city shares something in common with the Cowboy State as its early history was rich with resources like natural gas, oil, and helium.

    Cheyenne, Wyoming is the capital city and the most populous city in the state. The Oklahoma city is known for battles with George Armstrong Custer, and the Wyoming city is known for one of the oldest working military bases Francis E. Warren Air Force Base.

  • Boulder - Colorado vs Wyoming


    People who live in Colorado describe Boulder as 25 square miles surrounded by reality. It is quite liberal compared to Wyoming. It is a town full of health-nuts, animal rights enthusiasts, and athletic junkies. It is not uncommon to see a bike on a car, where the bike is worth more than the car itself. Boulder is a cultural hub for music, fine art, sports, and the culinary arts. It is the 11th largest city in Colorado.

    Boulder, CO has over 97,000 people living in the city. As far as Boulder, WY has about 175 people living there. The Wyoming town is rural with wide open spaces and is a good place to hunt and fish. If you were to drive down the road with a buck you just bagged in your truck bed in Boulder, Wyoming, you would be considered normal. In Boulder, Colorado, you would be the pariah and possibly lynched for killing Bambi. Remember Boulder is 25 square miles surrounded by reality.

  • Dayton in Wyoming vs Ohio


    Dayton, WY embraces both of our state’s nicknames. The first rodeo in the Cowboy State was in Dayton. The first elected women mayor in the Equality State was in Dayton.

    Dayton, OH is the birthplace of Orval Right of the Right Brothers. The industry is also influenced by that fact with a lot of aerospace and aeronautical manufacturing and distribution. The industry in Dayton, WY is agriculture and timber.

  • Yoder in Wyoming vs Kansas


    Yoder, Wyoming is small rural town near the South-East corner of the state. The population is near 150 people in .21 square miles. Yoder, Kansas has a population of nearly 200. It has more humidity than Wyoming. The Kansas town is also a hub for the nearby Amish community. It is also the former home of the Hutchinson Naval Air Station.