The Wyoming House Judiciary Committee on Friday voted in favor of a bill to legalize cannabis in Wyoming.

The vote Friday was 6-3 in favor of House Bill 209, which now goes on to the full House of Representatives. But two of the people who voted for the bill-Representatives Crago and Oakley--said they have concerns about legalizing weed.

But both said they think the issue deserves more discussion.

Rep. Barry Crago [R-Sheridan, Johnson counties] in fact, said he is personally opposed to the legalization of cannabis. But Crago said he has had "hundreds of emails" on the subject and believes that it merits more discussion, even though he would likely be a "no" vote on the floor of the House.

Rep. Ember Oakley [R-Fremont County] said she thinks the potential revenues to the state from legal weed are being over-estimated and the costs that it will incur are probably being underestimated. But Oakley said she likes the fact the bill will allow for local governmental decisions on whether to allow legal marijuana. Oakley said she, in fact, is considering an amendment to the bill that would call for communities to decide to opt into legalization, rather than having them take the action of opting out if they so desire, as the bill currently allows.

Just before the committee voted, committee chair Jared Olsen [R-Laramie County], the bill's primary sponsor, said that in voting for the measure "I'll be voting for liberty, I'll be voting for access to medicine.''

Olsen, as well as Reps. Crago, Oakley, Zwonitzer, Yin, and Provenza voted yes. Voting against the measure were Reps. Washut, Rodriguez-Williams, and Dan Laursen.

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