In The American Psychological Association's new study, more than half of Americans feel significant stress over the presidential election.

Maybe the two main candidates for Cheyenne mayor should make us smile. Think about Surdam and Orr as friends. When they heard each other had an interest in being mayor, they met to talk about how they might stay friends.

Let's say you were asked if you think they've done a good job of staying friends. Don't answer until comparing them to Clinton and Trump. Would you say Amy and Marian pulled off "friends" very nicely?

Also in the AMA's study, 38 percent say political discussions on social media cause them stress. Maybe the other 62 percent would agree if they hadn't already given that up months ago, sick to death of it.

To reduce anxiety, experts say do a digital detox, seeing enough to be informed, but don't compulsively seek out more.

Finally just vote, knowing you've done all you can, remembering the executive branch is just one of three, and we still have checks and balances.

God bless America, and Wyoming.