It is great to see our well-paid scientists are attempting to solve real world issues that alter our daily lives...

Some students at Cornell University published the results of their intensive study explaining where to go during a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. And if you think it's somewhere else other than Wyoming, prepare to have your brains served for breakfast.

The team checked out how true diseases spread, and located the best place to be when all heck breaks loose...the Rocky Mountains. Most specifically, Wyoming. Apparently the last SAFE place.

Big cities don't stand a chance. Los Angeles, buh-bye. Peace out, Kardashians.

It would require a ton of calculators to figure this out. Pretty much it shakes out to what you might be already thinking. Less people, less of a chance to the zombie virus to spread. I'm guessing zombies don't care too much for snow either.

Also, if a zombie apocalypse spread like most modern day diseases, small rural areas would likely remain unaffected for longer periods of time. If a zombie shows up, it would probably be filled with bullets from the gun rights activists before it eve hit our state line.

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