In a nation where we preserve our God-given right right to bear arms you would think it would be easy to just walk around with a firearm strapped to our side. Think again. Depending on which state you are from there can be many restrictions that go along with concealing a gun in that territory, some a little more restricted than others. 

Guns and Ammo magazine just released a list of the state that are considered the best (and worst) places for concealed carry. They based the criteria on how easy it was to to actually get a permit, how much it cost and amount of training it required before you could carry one around on your own. The best place: Arizona.

According to Washington Times, the state of Arizona (is):

As good as it gets: The Grand Canyon State was at the top in all categories, and issues permits to residents even though it doesn't require them.


Moving on to the worst place in America to conceal a firearm: Washington D.C.:

A federal judge in May 2015 rejected a short-term stay of a decision that blocked the District from enforcing a key provision of its restrictive concealed-carry laws — prompting the city to move to issue carry permits to the gun owners who had sued after being denied permits. But the judge left the door open for a stay — and even more legal wrangling.


As for Wyoming state? Not the worst. In fact, our state (ranked #4) is one of the better places to carry a firearm.

The Equality State adopted Vermont-style permitless carry — but the state also kept its permitting system, so residents can carry in reciprocal states.