just release their list of the top 10 states to retire in and Wyoming tops the list for many reasons.

As many baby boomers are now looking to retire, they are looking to take advantage of places where the cost of living and tax rates are lowest.  Wyoming is appealing not only because the cost of living is lower than most states, but our crime rate is one of the lowest in the country.  Add in our fantastic national parks like Yellowstone and Grand Teton as well as abundant wildlife and geothermal features our rocky mountain state is garnering a lot of attention from seniors.

Wyomingites have the lowest percentage of income tax burden at an average of 6.9%, just edging out Alaska at 7%.

Rounding out the top ten top states for retirement are #2 Colorado, #3 Utah, #4 Idaho, #5 Virginia, #6 Iowa, #7 Montana, #8 South Dakota, #9 Arizona and #10 Nebraska compared all 50 states according to many factors that are important to seniors.  The highest ranked states typically have the lowest costs of living, strong health care system, low crime rates, comfortable temperatures low humidity and lots of sun.

Source: Bankrate