Retiring to someplace warm like Florida or Arizona is SO old-fashioned.  If you're hip, you'll retire to the hottest area of all . . . Pierre, South Dakota.  Wyoming is also considered one of the most desirable retirement destinations and ranks extremely high coming in 5th in the nation.

The website released the results of a study that discovered that South Dakota is now the BEST state for retirement.

The study is based on things like cost of living, crime, healthcare, taxes, and weather.  And even though South Dakota does not have great weather (much like Wyoming) . . . it's very strong in all the other categories where it placed at the top of the list.

The top 10 best states for retirement are:  South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, Iowa, and Virginia.

The 10 worst states for retirement are:  New York, West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Maryland, and Kentucky.

Florida is still the most popular place for people to go in retirement.  But it finished 39th on the list . . . or to look at that another way, the 12th worst place.  The main reasons are high crime, high cost of living, and low quality healthcare.  Arizona finished 16th.

Wyoming ranks extremely high on all of the list with the exception of weather, much like South Dakota.  But Wyoming is touted a a state with lots of wild places and great outdoor experiences much like our Wyoming tourism ads portray.


Source: CNN/Money / Bankrate