Earlier today, we showed you who the most popular artist in Wyoming was, now it's time to flip the script and show you the most IGNORED artist in Wyoming.

Basically, the artist was identified by the LEAST amount of spins per various streaming services in the state. To give you an idea, the indy rock group HAIM comes in at 39th across the nation, but only 150th in Florida.

Artist R. Kelly was the least listened to artist in Wyoming State.

Let's dig deeper, here's 9 more of the Top, er...BOTTOM artists ignored in our state:

- J. Cole (last year's least listened to artist)

- Chris Brown

- A$AP Rocky

- M83

- Beyonce'

- Radiohead

- Coldplay


- The Black Keys

(Check out the full map here.  And you can do a deeper analysis for YOUR state at this link.)