A company known for it's thorough real estate facts known as Estately just revealed how SCARY each state in the United States ranks...why they released it now and not closer to Halloween really makes little sense to us, but still...

It was kinda awesome how they ranked the states. They researched stuff like natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes.....the amount of creepy crawly critters like spiders and snakes...people being by lightning....murders...and even clowns and dentists.

By the looks of the results? I am not going to Florida anytime soon!

The top 10 scariest states are: Florida . . . Georgia . . . Texas . . . Louisiana . . . Alabama . . . North Carolina . . . California . . . South Carolina . . . Mississippi . . . and Virginia.

South Dakota is the least scary state in the country . . . Wyoming is the sixth-least scary.

(Check out the rankings for all 50 states here.)