Interstate 80 is a well traveled corridor for truck drivers from all over the country. Luckily, when their 18-wheelers are rolling eastbound and down through the Cowboy State, those truckers can enjoy some of the country's finest rest stops.

The website Mental Floss recently published a list ranking 'The 10 Best Rest Stops in the United States'. Two of Wyoming's best roadside travel centers made the list, including the Little America Resort and the Sapp Bros. chain, which has one luxurious location just east of Cheyenne.

Little America ranked fourth nationwide and was cited for their gas station, convenience store, hotel, golf course and amenities. Sapp Bros, finished sixth on the list, based in part on their 24 hour roadside assistance program and their popular Apple Barrel Restaurant.

The self-proclaimed "World's Largest Truck Stop" in Walcott, Iowa topped the list, followed by the South of the Border Truck Stop in Dillon, South Carolina. Texas chain Buc-EE's, Little America and the R-Place Restaurant in Morris, Illinois, rounded out the top five.

Check out the full list of America's best truck stops here.