Wyoming is known for it's mountains and snow, but the summers here can get pretty unbearable as well. This dry heat can make working in certain areas feel like "Hell on Earth". Here's our top ten list of the worst jobs to have during the summer months.

  • 1

    Construction Workers

    Working construction in the Cowboy State is dangerous and tedious for many different reasons. In addition to braving the elements (which suck equally in both the freezing cold and the blistering heat), they have to brave inconsiderate drivers. These men and women are highly devalued.

    Dmitry Kalinovsky
  • 2

    Cooks/Restaurant Workers

    Being a cook or line cook is already hard, fast paced work, but add in the summer temperatures with the already blistering hot heat from stoves, furnaces and grills... "hell" is the only thought that comes to mind.

  • 3

    Sign Flippers

    This is a job that already rates high on the boredom scale, but again, factor in summer heat and the fact that some of them are required to wear costumes (which increase body temperature), we can only hope they're working limited hours at a time!

  • 4


    Cutting grass, planting flowers, trimming trees... it all equals sweat and sunburns.

  • 5

    Mail Carriers/Delivery Service

    Whether the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS or any local carrier, walking basically door to door and driving poorly ventilated vehicles has got to suck.

    Lisa F. Young
  • 6

    Garbage Men (and Women)

    At one point, we all probably thought it would be cool to drive one of those awesome garbage trucks with the big mechanical arm, but think about the heat, the hours and the smells you'd have to deal with in a single day. Best believe that good 'ole Wyoming wind changing directions would make sure the odors hit you too!

    Gautier Willaume
  • 7

    Oil Rig Workers

    Although a lucrative line of employment, rig workers are always braving the elements and usually dealing with some seriously dangerous equipment and conditions.

    Whyte Choc via Facebook
  • 8


    Here's another example of all-day outside work. I would say farming trumps even the oil rig workers because the pay is no where near what it should be for the hard labor and constant hours the average farmer puts in to feed us.

  • 9


    This job already stinks (literally). Now imagine dealing with human waste and byproducts and the heat. This might very well be worse than hell!

    Dave White
  • 10


    Whether they're working on your gasoline-guzzling SUV, a plow or a construction vehicle, theses guys are sweating it out just to keep us running smoothly.