The website Moose Roots recently published an article ranking the most popular last names in each of the 50 United States. First, they studied the 20 most common surnames in the country, based on figures from the Social Security Administration. Then, they created individual maps for each state.

Overall, the most popular last names in Wyoming are very similar to the national results. Here in Wyoming, the five most common surnames are (in order): Smith, Johnson, Miller, Brown and Jones. Nationally, the five most popular last names are (in order): Smith, Johnson, Williams (7th in WY), Brown and Miller.

The biggest differences between last names in Wyoming compared to national statistics are Hispanic surnames. For example, Garcia is the most popular Hispanic last name in the country, ranking 8th nationally. Here in Wyoming, it's only the 73rd most popular last name.

For a full breakdown of the 20 most common surnames in the country and how they rank here in Wyoming, check out this interactive map.