It's time once again for our monthly roundup of lonely singles (and married people) looking for love online. Here's the top 5 Missed Connections of the month from the Wyoming Craigslist Page.

1.  The woman with the saran wrapped dinosaur on her car in Cheyenne

So i was driving down Yellowstone (going south? Maybe north? Idk) and i noticed a toyota with a dinosaur looking sculpture thing, wrapped in plastic onto the roof of your car. It looked really neat, so i felt the need to break the speed limit just to check out the dinosaur (i love dinosaurs, just bought the jurassic trilogy on blu ray).

After inspecting the dinosaur,  I look at the drivers seat out of curiosity and, WOW, there you were, stunning and as beautiful as ever. I failed to get your attention but I wasnt gonna follow you cuz I'm not creepy at all. You seem to be around my age as well so this is totally not weird (I'm 25) .

You are caucasian, have long brown hair and you have a passion for dinosaurs, so obviously we are meant for each other. I hope you read this and maybe we can go on a date and watch Jurassic World together. Its my first time posting on personals, but I have a great feeling about this!

2. Discussing Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy in Cheyenne

Me: In my work clothes, with my name on my shirt, wearing my favorite fedora
You: Wearing multi-colored cross trainers, triathlon athlete, smartest woman I've met in a long time

Us: Side by side at the Rib & Chop House bar

Conversation: Big Pharma, oncology, coronal mass ejections, pole reversal, neural demyelination, and other topics

I figure this is a long-shot as you don't strike me as a person who would frequent CL. Nevertheless, I'm very much inclined to keep in contact with intelligent, fit, cute women.

3. To the Pregnant woman at the Preserve in Casper

You are a beautiful pregnant women at The Preserve and you have dark hair. I have never worked up the courage to say more than hello, but I'd like to meet you.

4. Dude at the Starbucks in Cheyenne swears he's not a creep

I saw you waiting for your drink at the Starbucks in downtown Cheyenne this morning at about 11:30. Now that I've had my 5 shots of espresso, I'm regretting not having the nerve to say anything to you.

You are about 5'7", dark hair with dark pink highlights; you had your sunglasses on your head, a black tank top, hole-y jeans, and cute little beach sandals. I saw you leaving, so I know that you drive a silver car and I also noticed that although you had Wyoming plates, they weren't from Laramie county.

I'm hoping you're in town for a while and not on your way back home. You'll probably never see this, but I would love to take you out on a date. If by chance you do see this and you're interested, message me back with the county number on your license plate so I know that it's you.

I also noticed another small detail about you that I'll ask if you get the number right. I hope you see this. I promise I'm not a creep, I'm just very observant, especially when I'm so taken aback by someone as beautiful as you.

5. (Tie) New girl in Casper wants to meet two guys

Hey boys! I couldn't help but look at your trucks!! I'm new here to Casper and would love to be shown around. I was too chicken s#$% to ask for any of y'all's numbers cause no one here has even thought to give me the time of day. But hearing you take off the way you did, I couldn't help but post this and hope you read it. Reply back with what I was wearing so I know it's you! Gimme a chance. I'm not like other girls ;)

5. (Tie) Single mom at the DQ in Sheridan is on the hunt

U was sitting on the bench when we pulled up. I had 3 of my kids with me. I know this is a long shot, but I thought I would take a chance. I wasn't sure if the car that I parked behind was yours, but when we was leaving u was getting in the passengers side like ur car and u wasn't bad looking. If u see this, tell me what one of my daughters shirt said. U said u needed one.  Not sure if u would like to get to know me if ur single.

Join us again next month for another thrilling episode of the Top 5 Missed Connections of the month from the Wyoming Craigslist page.