On tonight's (Nov. 29) episode of 'X Factor,' two more hopefuls were sent home and the Top 8 was reduced to a Top 6. So who went down swinging in the sing off?

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. The first act instantly eliminated was Paige Thomas. "I am excited so I can go home and put in some work, and show everyone I have bigger and better things to do," she said, in a bit of sour grapes-type speech.

Last season's semi-finalist Josh Krajcik returned to the 'X' stage to perform. Oh, how we loved his voice. He sang 'One Thing She'll Never Know,' from his new EP.

Although Simon Cowell was sure that CeCe Frey was going to be sent home, she made it through to the Top 6, to the shock and aw of everyone. His boys (Emblem3) and his girls (Fifth Harmony) were sent through to the next round, so he was happy with the results.

The final two forced to have a sing off were Diamond White and Vino Alan.

White went big with Beyonce's 'I Was Here,' which made us think Brit Brit would still have two horses in the race. White shined bright like a diamond -- sorry, we had to, the opp was there and we seized it -- when she hit the last note. It was dramatic.

Then the underdog Alan and his soulful voice had their turn. He removed his blazer, dropped it on the floor, showing off his muscles, tats and white tee. He soared through 'Trouble,' which sounded like it was written for his voice and his voice alone.

Once again, we love his mentor L.A. Reid, but when the camera cuts to him grooving during his team's performances, he looks like he is listening to an entirely different song. He has no sense of keeping time.

Reid voted for Alan (no surprise) while Brit voted for White (DUH!) while Demi Lovato hedged and said she didn't want to send anyone home but she chucked Vino. So it was up to Si Co, and he just loves being in that position. He look constipated when he realized he had to make the choice. He elected to keep Diamond White, so it was the end o' the road for Alan.

He was gracious in defeat, unlike -- cough -- Paige Thomas.