We asked you what you thought should be taught in Wyoming sex education classes. The results of our poll are in and are listed below. First these are some of the comments left on Facebook and inside the poll itself.

On Facebook JS says:

It's life and to not educate about it is pure ignorance. People/teens will still have sex no matter what but to be educated about it only provides them with the tools to be smart and safe about having sex along with understanding the lbgtq community will only help them. Ignorance and fear will destroy generations way before education.

Inside the poll a few of the comment say things like this:

We need Jesus in the classroom

 Inside the poll someone says:

Yes [Wyoming should teach sexual education] but not before 7th grade.

On Facebook RW says:

Its a good thing but a bad thing in my opinion the school could go over bored in some areas of the topic some parents don't like the topic in class for some it helps the them protect them selves in not getting stds, pregent, will the school need to way the good with the bad.

On Facebook SC says:

Voted yes to all of the poll questions. I feel like sex ed is extremely important because there's already an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports the benefits of sex ed. I also completely support president Obama's decision to remove funding for any abstinence based sex ed programs in the US, seeing as how those sort of programs have been proven ineffective. Kids are going to have sex whether you tell them how to protect themselves or not, so why not give them the tools they need to effectively protect themselves from potential STD's/unwanted pregnancies? I also completely support the idea of teaching students about different types of sexual identity and orientation. Seeing as how the LGBTQ community has drastically higher suicide rates than the cisgender community, I feel as if this would be extremely beneficial and decrease bullying in schools towards students who struggle with their sexual identity, by clearing up any misconceptions related to being LGBTQ.

  • Should Wyoming schools teach sex education?

    90.44% voted Yes

    6.62 voted No

  • Should Wyoming schools have a way for a parent to opt-out their child from sex education?

    49.19% voted Yes

    49.19% voted No

  • Should Wyoming schools teach students about AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

    97.52% voted Yes

    1.65% voted No

  • Should Wyoming schools teach students about sexual identity and orientation?

    68.29% voted Yes

    30.89% voted No

  • Should Wyoming schools show students how to properly use a condom or other birth control methods?

    82.35% voted YES

    16.91% voted NO