It's been a busy legislative session for Wyoming's state congressional representatives.

Tasked with the difficult burden of budget shortfalls, federal regulations on the coal industry, low oil prices, public school funding, and whether or not to expand Medicaid, our elected officials have diligently tackled the tough issues.

For example, this week, the state Senate voted to name the Big Sagebrush as the official state shrubbery.

Unfortunately for admirers of other native shrubs such as the Rocky Mountain Juniper, Redosier Dogwood, Fourwing Saltbush, Chokecherry, Silver Buffaloberry, Skunkbush Sumac or Mallow Ninebark, the Big Sagebrush was the only shrub nominated for the prestigious honor.

Of course, it's not official yet. The House of Representatives will need to approve the bill later this week.

If and when they do, it will be another example of the leadership that our legislators have shown over the years. Who could forget when they declared the Jackalope as Wyoming's official mythical creature in 2013?

Sure, there were some who suggested that Sasquatch, Bigfoot or a Unicorn would make a better official mythical creature for the Cowboy State. But our elected officials gave the people what they wanted; the jackalope.

What's next for our legislature? Perhaps they could name Fireball Cinnamon Whisky as the official state spirit? Or they could name "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" as the official state movie? Or they could declare the town of Wyoming, Australia, as our official state sister city?

Clearly, they still have important work left to do.