Zac Efron grabbed a whole lotta Dave Franco during the actors' acceptance speech for Best Duo at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

The hunky actors -- who won for their roles as frat bro besties in Neighbors -- accepted their awards in their movie personas, with Dave Franco imitating Meet the Parents-era Robert DeNiro and Zefron impersonating DeNiro's Taxi Driver character. (It's like a movie within a movie within an awards show, whaaaat.)

Of course, the most talked about moment of their acceptance speech was not the whole Robert DeNiro personification, but the fact that Dave Franco tweaked Zac Efron's bare nipple (because the two-time Best Shirtless Performance winner was wearing an open shirt, of course). While we were trying to wrap our minds around that moment, Zac immediately got him back by grabbin' a big ol' handful of his junk, right in front of the audience (and much to their delight, we're sure.) You can feast your eyes on that amazingness in the GIF below. (You're welcome.)

Though we're still dealing with the post-traumatic stress that is Zac Efron not repeating his Best Shirtless moment from last year (you know the one), we think that this moment totally makes up for it.

Re-live Zac Efron grabbing Dave Franco's junk in the GIF above.

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