Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are beautiful in a very unattainable kind of way. Zayn, with all of his sharp edges and perfect symmetry, is a photographer's dream, everyone's dream. Gigi offers something softer, rounding things out with her full cheeks and doe eyes. No, theirs is not a casual beauty, but rather a remarkable, otherworldly one, and Vogue understands the appeal of their combination.

So it is that the top-tier fashion magazine enlisted photographer Mario Testino to capture the spark of this fashion-forward couple, who have decided to momentarily join their lives together, however temporary that union may prove to be.

That implication of brevity is neither wish nor hopeful prediction, just an understanding that young love -- all love, really -- is often fleeting, limited, merciless in its eventual end. One day your love manifests itself in a bicep tattoo created in your partner's likeness, and the next you're denying rumors of a cold text message breakup (though, yes, the engagement is off). So it goes.

But back to Vogue and Testino and photogenic ZiGi: The two embrace across Naples here, clinging to each other on balconies and motorcycles, morphing their bodies ever closer until Gigi extends her endlessly long limbs high up toward the ceiling, a surreal representation of how it probably feels to be intertwined with someone so overtly your aesthetic equal.

Head on over to Vogue to torture yourself with the full spread, should you so desire.

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