Zayn Malik of One Direction and Perrie Edwards of Little Mix are seriously dating, but will wedding bells be ringing soon for these two? Rest easy, Directioners, it doesn't seem so...for now.

Edwards and her Little Mix counterparts recently dished to OK! Magazine about how their relationships, romance and getting dumped. When asked what the most romantic thing a guy has done for them, Edwards said, "I got proposed to." Say what?! Come agagin?! The person interviewing obviously thought they had a huge scoop on their hands, but Edwards clarified that she was just kidding around!

The magazine then asked if she would like to be proposed to, to which Edwards replied, "One day. I think we’d all like that. It’s a bit scary for the boy, though. What if the girl says no? That would be awful." True that!

She then continued, "A few fans have proposed. A little boy proposed to us once and I said yes, actually." Sorry, Zayn, but it looks like you have some stiff competition over your girlfriend!

Now the question becomes, who will Edwards choose? Heartthrob Zayn Malik or the little flirt who popped the question? Their fate is in your hands, Perrie.

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