Directioners, play nice! One Direction bad boy Zayn Malik is coming under the fire of miserable trolls on Twitter. Their issue? He's either Muslim, which these bigots get peeved about, or else by celebrating Christmas with his girlfriend, he's not Muslim enough. The boy can't win!

The ire started when Malik posted the photo at left of his adorable girlfriend, Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards, next to their Christmas tree. Fans went nuts, and most Directioners were supportive and complimentary of Malik and his lavender-haired love. Their biggest gripe was just curiosity over how they got such a huge tree into their home!

But some no-so-nice fans also criticized Malik for having a tattoo of Allah and still celebrating Christmas, which, as you probably know, is a Christian holiday. Apparently a guy can't hang out with his girlfriend of a different faith during the holiday season without a barrage of online harassment, and that's sad.

Even worse were the Twitter trolls who began spouting unfounded and untrue rumors that one of Malik's sisters, Safaa, has cancer -- and that another, Sondiya, has a different father. Malik told his sibs to ignore the trolls, but he's starting to worry that the hate is going to get to them.

One troll wrote (via The Daily Star), "Guys I just heard the best news ever that Zayn’s ­retarded Muslim sister has cancer, ­excuse me while a dance.” Safaa replied, "Sorry I haven’t been that nice to anyone:/ I was just a bit angry how people made FAKE ­rumors saying I have cancer when I don’t! Sorry x." How horrifying! Sondiya also said, “I can assure u we have the same dad and hu Eva is telling u this pathetic things is a very sad person.”

Apparently the Maury-beckoning rumor monger was a woman named Iqra Malik from Islamabad. When Doniya found out, she ranted, It’s are long lost cuzn in Pakistan hu iv Neva heard of untill [sic] now lol.”

One of Zayn's pals revealed that the harassment of his family grinds Malik's gears more than any directed towards him. “Zayn is sickened that people could write such horrible things about his ­sisters and his mum and dad. He is not bothered about ­people saying things about him but for someone to write that a little girl has cancer just for the fun of it is totally obscene," the source said. The friend added, “His parents have been ­inseparable for years and the claims are just lies. He told Safaa and Doniya to ignore the people spouting nonsense but it is not that easy for them because they have to deal with this stuff every day at university and school. They decided to fight fire with fire and come out strongly and tell the world not to believe the lies being spread by twisted idiots.”

Can't these people find better things to do?!

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