It's coming. Get ready. The dreaded back-to-school shopping season.

Long lines, sold-out #2 pencil sharpeners, hefty prices on scientific calculators...

Take this survey and apply it to your schedule. Avoid these four busiest shopping days and save yourself the stress. Steer clear of Sundays from here until the end of the month, perhaps even the first week of September.

Also, don't shop the Monday after Labor Day. Skip Best Buy and Office Max on Sundays....beat 'em to the punch by shopping on a Saturday instead.


Other interesting tidbits:

  • People in the U.S. drop at least $10.5 billion on back-to-school books, clothes, and supplies.
  • According to moms and dads across the nation, 80% of children have lost something at school.  Kids are most likely to lose a winter accessories and supplies.