One Direction's 'Kiss You' video is a bundle of silly fun to watch -- or, as the boys put it, "pure stupidity" -- and it looked equally fun to make ... most of the time, anyway.

In a new behind-the-scenes clip, we see the guys getting goofy on set at the same studio where Hollywood classics 'Star Wars,' 'The Shining' and 'Indiana Jones' were all shot.

Each of the different sets from the video -- the snow, the highway, the jailhouse and the beach -- were all in the same room. In fact, we see a shirtless Niall playing with the fake white flakes, so we imagine it wasn't too chilly when they were shooting!

"Just breaking everything, as usual," Liam Payne said of potential on-set mishaps. Zayn Malik, who wore floaties because he can't swim, affirmed, "Clearly whoever put the set together didn't know they were dealing with five idiots."

Louis Tomlinson revealed he may not be the best behind the wheel, so it's a good thing they weren't actually driving in this video. "I've driven in three videos now," he said. "In the second I broke a Mini Cooper. In the third I broke a Jeep. Now, they're not actually letting me drive this, probably for those reasons." Horan sat passenger side to Tomlinson and hit himself in the eye with the car's visor. Ouch!

Despite the eye injury -- which Horan covered up with shades for the rest of the day -- it was still a good experience. At the end of filming, Tomlinson gushed that it was the most fun they ever had on a video shoot. It sure looks it!