A loved one passes away. What next? Well if you are from Wyoming you are more likely to spread the ashes of the person who passed away, rather than bury them.

This, according to Business Insider:

We looked at data from the National Funeral Directors Association's 2015 projections for burial rates and cremation rates in each state. Nationally, the Association projects that cremations will outnumber burials in the US: 48.2% of this year's deceased will be cremated, as opposed to 45.8% being buried.


How do our preferences of honoring the dead stack up our neighboring states? In Washington, 76% of residents also choose cremation. In Idaho, slightly less likely to cremate at 58%. And as for Wyoming percentages, 68% of us opt to cremate.

In short, the West appears to prefer cremation with Nevada leading the states with 78% and the Appalachian South chooses with burials with Mississippi in the lead of 79%.