Hundreds of thousands of women every year go through a war for their lives, many of whom don’t always feel like they have anyone who can truly understand the weight of their battles. Breast Cancer is one of the leading causes of death among women and it has touched the lives of virtually everyone in one way or another. Pure Power Automotive, a local business right here in Casper, has made a commitment to every person who has been impacted by breast cancer to build a moving monument in honor of the epic battle that so many have had to endure.

For months, they have put forth tireless effort to create symbol of hope for all of the friends, family and especially the women affected by breast cancer, and they are doing it in the form of a mud truck. This Breast Cancer Mud Truck was meant as a community based project giving everyone the chance to take part of something bigger than any individual, and show support to all of the courageous women fighting every day to keep their lives. Built out of a ’79 Camaro and lifted around 8 inches in the air, this truck was built to last and stand tall and proud with a fluorescent pink paint job to be noticed by everyone. What’s more, anyone and everyone has the opportunity to leave their mark on the truck in honor of the people in this daily battle and for even the people that have lost the war. It could be for any type of cancer, for men or women in any race, religion, or creed. This is a project to take pride in the courage exuded by so many in each and every day.

If you or someone you know would like to take part in this project, don’t hesitate to make that move! Just call 307-247-0305 and ask for James. This truck is meant as a pillar of hope to anyone conflicted with such a life altering struggle.