I've had a very long and prosperous Hip-Hop career. Whether doing local shows, opening up for platinum artist like Eminem, Mystikal, Petey Pablo and The Game or spinning records in, around and even out of the country, I've had a great run. My rapping even got me sponsored by Hip-Hop online jewelry site, King Ice.

But now, it appears my eldest son, Jalano Udell Jackson a.k.a. Jay Jay wants a shot at the throne. Much like the kings of Roman times, I admire his spirit. But challenging me outright on Facebook... that's beyond bold!

Jalano Jackson via Facebook

I'm anxious to see how this turns out. My son has nothing to lose... like really, nothing to lose. If I win, so what?  I've been doing this much longer than he's been alive, but some will hate me for taking down my own child (although, he's a teen... take it like a man). If I lose... well, that's it for me. This should be entertaining at best.