I've been writing more poetry about fly fishing/Montana outdoors/polka dots...etc and want to try to put some together one day. My friend writes poetry and I've always been a fan, and recently dabbling in it too. This one is titled "If Only for a Moment" I wrote this after fly fishing on Rock Creek one evening.

If only for a moment can we cast a line
We begin the journey rod and reel among the pine
Trying to beat the dark to keep it going
it's the time of year no boats, no rowing
If only for a moment can we stand on the shore
it never ends, the night leaves us wanting more
one more cast, just one more time
a little longer, leaving would be a crime
If only for a moment fly fishing was the only thing
drama is lost, heartbreak is hidden and your phone doesn't ring
If only for a moment...

Charene Herrera (copyright)