Justin Bieber fans (affectionately known as Beliebers) are counting the days until the release of his latest music video entitled: 'What Do You Mean'.

Earlier today (August 28th, 2015), the Biebz released the lyric video for the song on his official YouTube channel. For a lyric-only type video, Justin still managed to put live video shots of himself and professional skateboarders Ryan Sheckler and Chelsea Castro. He actually manages to hold his own in a skatepark nailing some pretty awesome tricks.

The little teaser from his Instagram has already shown that this should be an interesting music video, in the form of a mini movie. Just from the teaser you can see that John Leguizamo will make a cameo appearance. I wonder what other surprises JB's got in store for us? The song is fire, so you know the video will be as well.