Oops! It's an Instagram gaffe gone horribly, horribly wrong. Justin Bieber, a known boxing fan who was seen hanging with Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. earlier this year, has come under some serious fire by a Filipino politcian for criticizing popular boxer and Filipino national treasure Many Pacquiao on Instagram.

According a Philippines news source, Yacap party-list Rep. Carol Jane Lopez is urging Congress to officially ban The Biebs from the country for good, making the teen a "persona non grata."

The Biebs inspired Lopez's ire because he posted what can be construed as insulting photos of the boxer. The photos were considered hurtful to all Filipinos who support  Pacquiao, known as the People's Champ.

So what was so bad about the pictures? Well, they reportedly featured the boxer down and out, posed with Simba from 'The Lion King.' You can see it here.

Since Pacquiao and Mayweather are rivals, and The Biebs is firmly in Mayweather's corner, it's viewed as an affront. It angered someone enough to lead the charge against The Biebs.

Lopez also asked the youth of the country to quit listening to his music and to stop attending his concerts. The Biebs last played in the region in May 2011.

Pacquiao reportedly said he would pray for The Biebs. All this over a silly photo that was meant to be a joke, posted via social media? Really?

While we certainly understand Filipinos and their reverence for the boxer, this seems a little excessive, no?

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