Justin Bieber is the most followed person on Twitter. When he tweets, Beliebers listen. Even a simple, punctuation-less tweet like "having fun" gets 75,000 RTs, as his pal Jimmy Fallon pointed out. The late night host and his staff decided to conduct a social media experiment on the power of the RT and the Biebs' stronghold on social media, yielding some pretty hilarious results.

Arthur Meyer, a writer for 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' was tasked with copying Bieber's tweets and seeing how many RTs he got! It didn't go very well, until the Biebs started following him and RTed Meyer's RT of his OWN tweet, which read "We work hard."

At first, Meyer had like 2 RTs. Once Justin RTed, it got 4,085 RTs. Meyer then tweeted "Live Life Full" and it got 307 RTs. The Biebs' initial tweet got over 100k.

The 'Boyfriend' singer decided to play along and tweet something that Arthur made up. Arthur tweeted "frog lawn mower," which meant nothing. In the ensuing 10 minutes after the Biebs tweeted it, "frog lawn mower" was a worldwide trending topic with 35,000 RTs.

So the point of the exercise is that the Biebs' social media power reaches far and wide. It doesn't matter how many followers you have -- it only matters what they do with your tweet once they read it.

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