Winter weather has descended upon the country affecting areas from the northeast, to the midwest and even the deep south! But it's not only kids that are enjoying the wintery weather conditions!

After a long night huddled in the barn for warmth, my babies had a great time getting out to play in the snow, which included WALLOWING IN IT! We have a sand/clay based riding arena. What's better than getting down and rolling in it if you're a horse? Apparently nothing if you're one of mine! It's going to take a while to get Paisano back to his natural flea-bitten grey!

Paisano is my 21 year old Royal Dutch Warmblood. After spending most of his early years as a show jumper, there's nothing he likes more than getting out and being a horse! Here's what 'Pai' looks like when he's all dolled up for the show ring!