Lady Gaga is back in the public eye after an absence that felt like an eternity. When she's not sharing naked photos (like this and this), she's baring her bra at a benefit event, like she did at last night's (July 27) Watermill Center Summer Benefit in New York, which supports the arts. Gaga's black leather attire was like a deconstructed work of art, honestly.

Gaga, a performance artist herself, was flanked by fellow entertainer Marina Abramovic and playwright/director Robert Wilson.

Mama Monster is still rocking that makeup-free look and showing of her septum piercing lately. Gaga's hair is dark and it looked a little greasy as she donned a geometric, black leather dress which showed off her black lace bra. The Lady bared her bra and showed off a bare face.

She also posed in a haystack and left us wondering WTF happened to her eyebrows. They're MIA.

Gaga obviously likes lacy lingerie and it was part of her outfit, as opposed any sort of wardrobe malfunction. This was purposeful, not an accident. With fashion, Gaga leaves nothing to chance.


Gaga and her bra posed with Marina Abramovic. Again, eyebrows?

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