Making turkey soup was always a staple at my grandmas house. She made the best! Egg noddles, fresh stock and fall of the bone turkey. 

Every year I try to recreate it and mostly fail, this year I am attempting to and it seems it's coming out OK. I did it in the crock pot. I put the left over turkey carcass in the crock-pot filled it with water and a mix of chicken broth and let it simmer on low for two days. I know it seems like a while but you can never cook it too long I've been told (well you could, the bones would eventually disintegrate). You can add onions, carrots and celery for taste.

Overall pretty simple, now you at least have the fresh stock to begin the turkey soup.

My grandma always used egg noddles, which are the best. I also read it's best to make the noodles as you go so they don't get soggy sitting in the stock , although my grandma never did and it turned out just fine.


Charene Herrera TSM