Last week you were asked to watch clips and answer questions about NBC's new show 'State of Affairs'. The daily winners are in and the winner of the grand prize has been determined.  Congratulations to Laurie Johnstone - winner of a GoPro Hero 3+!

Stay briefed on the latest. Katherine Heigl and Alfre Woodard star in NBC’s new intriguing drama, State of Affairs. Watch the series premiere tonight at 9 PM on News 13, Where News Comes First.

Day 1 Winner: Marci Miles - $100 Visa Gift Card

Day 2 Winner: Laurie Johnstone - $100 Visa Gift Card

Day 3 Winner: Shelby Garner- $100 Visa Gift Card

Day 4 Winner: Chris Paden - $100 Visa Gift Card

Day 5 Winner: Christine Coffey - $100 Visa Gift Card

Grand Prize Winner: Laurie Johnstone -  GoPro Hero 3+