Psy is looking to follow up his huge hit 'Gangnam Style'


Psy is someone that with the amazing success of 'Gangnam Style' made me wonder if he was going to be the "one hit wonder" of our generation. I feel like every generation has their one hit wonders, and with the help of the internet and sites like YouTube, becomming a one hit wonder is easier than ever. It isn't easy to have a hit song, it's even harder to follow up that hit song.

In this music video Psy is the prankster/jerk of all pranster/jerks. He pull a lot of pranks, with a lot of cheesy dancing. Which is something we all know about Psy considering his motto is "Dress classy, and dance cheesy." You'll recognize some of the people from the 'Gangnam Style' video as well. The yellow suit dude, and the elevator dude are all hiding somewhere in there. And in typical Psy fashion, there is a dance along with this Harlem Shake perhaps?

Will 'Gentleman' be the follow up to 'Gangnam Style'? What do you think?