On Sunday, a tornado tore a swath of destruction through Woodward, OK, tragically killing six people and destroying homes and businesses. Emilee Neagle and her family lost their home and belongings in the destructive storm, but, miraculously, the family dog and her prized wedding ring were recovered.

After returning to her devastated home, Neagle was overjoyed to learn that a neighbor had found Ted, the family pooch. “I started walking down the street, looking for my friends wondering if they were alive and … the neighbor down the street … I saw these two little ears (come) up in his pickup. A little boy had found him and picked him up for me,” she said.

Then, Neagle and friends began combing through the rubble of her home armed with a metal detector. After eight hours of searching, she found her wedding ring, which had been left on a bathroom counter.

“I’ve got my girls, my family, I’m fine. This can be replaced,” she said, indicating her home. “It’s material things, but it’s just the thought of losing your wedding ring.”