One Direction are seriously man-crushing on Ed Sheeran. The British ginger kid, who wrote the boys' ballad 'Little Things,' has left quite an impression on the 1Ders, who admitted that they sing Sheeran songs in the shower. Trying saying that three times fast.

Actually, it was Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson who copped to belting out Sheeran compositions in the song.

Payne said, "I find myself singing a lot of Ed Sheeran songs in the shower." Tomlinson concurred, saying, "I'm going to have to join you Liam, I sing Ed Sheeran quite a lot in the shower as well."

Somewhere out there, Ed Sheeran is blushing.

Harry Styles admitted to singing the King of Pop's' tunes, saying, "I sometimes sing Michael Jackson." We bet that answer changes and he admits to singing Taylor Swift songs.

Don't lose your minds, Directioners, by thinking of the 1D boys without any clothes, and while sopping wet in the shower. Be still our beating hearts.