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Still Searching for that Special Ornament to Honor My Grandma
I try to do as many things I can to keep the memory of my grandmother alive, who raised me and was one of my best friends. I made a new tradition of buying a Christmas ornament in her honor. Any ideas one where to get an ornament that is glass and elegant?
Warm Thanksgiving Prompts Less Christmas Decorations [OPINION]
This is just my opinion but I think this warmer weather has people rethinking the Christmas decorations. People had Christmas lights up and trees a week ago now we have a heatwave. Is it just me or has that prompted a halt on the garland and mistletoe feelings?
The Attempt At Harvesting My Own Bird for Thanksgiving
Lets just say Turkeys are smart and got the best of me. I have been told they have great eye sight and are a bit paranoid and therefore flighty. I was using my longbow and my attempts to creep up on them was an interesting experience.