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I'm an Itinerary Idiot...
We can't be good at everything can we? I have a horrible time booking flights. It's just one of my down falls.
Tips about Ice Fishing From a Beginner
If you would like to learn more about Ice Fishing then here are a few tips from a beginner. There are many things to learn with any kind of fishing.
Wyoming Style Crafting with My Aunt in Santa Fe
It is always fun crafting but this time doing it with my aunt was the best. In New Mexico it is not always easy to find "rustic" and western looking things there but we managed!
Our Dog Adoption Mission to New Mexico, Meet Loyal!
Not only was this trip so I could see my family around the holidays but also so my friend Steve could adopt a new dog and a new member of the fishing crew. This dog was found on the border of Mexico and brought to the states to be saved.
Quick and Easy Christmas Goodie Bags
These were quick and simple, as far individual goodie bags go. If you have to attend holiday parties or events these were nice little treats for everyone.
Holiday Travel Tips for Christmas Travelers
They are expecting more folks traveling this holiday season,as with any holiday pack your patience. Here are some tips for this Merry holiday time to make traveling a little easier.
My Top Five Favorite Christmas Songs of All Time
Christmas music is so nice to hear this time of year! These are some of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. There are becoming more and more Christmas songs but the classics are few and redone by many.
Winter Driving Condition Tips and Reminders
I know that in a blink of an eye things can change and become very dangerous in Winter while driving. Take some of these tips and reminders with you on the road this winter.
Still Searching for that Special Ornament to Honor My Grandma
I try to do as many things I can to keep the memory of my grandmother alive, who raised me and was one of my best friends. I made a new tradition of buying a Christmas ornament in her honor. Any ideas one where to get an ornament that is glass and elegant?