What's going on?

Friday the 13th Superstitions
I do have a slight fear of today but all in all it's just one of those old superstitions that surrounds the day, but there is a whole list of things that are considered bad luck today.
Fine Dining on the River this Weekend
Well all I can say is, what a way to make a day on the water even better. A fine dining experience can be done even while on a fly fishing trip.
Largest Snowflake Ever Recorded
This is a fun fact to impress your friends with. The largest snowflake ever recorded is probably a lot bigger then you think.
March is the Month of....
It is hard to think it is March already! I am feeling like this year is flying on by. There is actually a lot happening in the month of March.
The Fishermans Dictionary
This was such a wonderful gift and if you have a fisher in your life you may want to find this cause it is a great little gift to give them.
I'm an Itinerary Idiot...
We can't be good at everything can we? I have a horrible time booking flights. It's just one of my down falls.