Easter Fly Fishing Proved Successful
I like to spend Easter on Rock Creek, it's so peaceful and of course getting some holiday fly fishing is never a bad thing especially with your dear friend visiting.
First Fish of the Season on a Dry Fly
The season for dry fly fishing is finally here! I dry flied for my first time this year and it was awesome. Thanks to my friend Tommy Nichol, I was in a nice spot for fishy waters.
How Many Selfies Do People Born After 1980 Take?
This was an interesting find, and this day-n-age it is a good question. Selfies are all over social media, it's part of the time. How many selfies does someone who was born after 1980 take?
Eating Wyoming Walleye for My First Time
Now this would be even better had I caught the Walleye myself but unfortunately due to weather and driving that wasn't possible. I am surprised I have not had Walleye before...
How Much Money is Lost on March Madness
Ah the love of sports and the gamble. It draws in a lot of people every year. Talking about March Madness. Every person talks about how much money and time is wasted on the madness of the NCAA basketball tournament.