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The Attempt At Harvesting My Own Bird for Thanksgiving
Lets just say Turkeys are smart and got the best of me. I have been told they have great eye sight and are a bit paranoid and therefore flighty. I was using my longbow and my attempts to creep up on them was an interesting experience.
Three Top Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks
Well the time is about here to be eating and enjoying friends and family for Thanksgiving but we have the top three tips for Thanksgiving. Check these out for an even better Turkey Day.
Thanksgiving is Coming Up, Be Prepared
Every year I somehow wait and wait until the last minute to get everything and anything I need for Thanksgiving. Don't be like me be prepared, and it is not very far off so time is ticking away.
Black Friday Freebies 2017
It is nice to see some freebies on a day so many people spend, spend, spend. Here are some Black Friday freebies I found.
10 Reasons to Love November
What is there to love about November? Well there is a lot, let me tell you. From warm drinks to discounts.