Cali Swag District's Smoove called in this afternoon to play some new music, talk about Sunday night's Blizzard Music Tour stop in Casper, and give a little behind-the-scenes info on what it's been like to be on tour with Nelly, one of their childhood idols.  If you missed it, listen after the jump:

Smoove talks about the new tour, and when "Dougie" went viral:

"Teach Me How To Dougie"

Smoove introduces new music, and talks about meeting the Jacksons:

Listen/watch "Where You Are" from Cali Swag District (featuring a young Michael Jackson):

Smoove talks about their latest album, and the definition of a "kickback":

Check out the "Kickback" video:

Smoove talks about crazy happenings on the road at Blizzard, and fun with bras:

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