Just in case you've ever said something to the effect that you're JUST a social smoker... Guess what? That's just as ridiculous as saying your JUST a social farter. Really. I mean, you only do it when you drink, right? FYI, there's a reason cigarette advertising was banned on both radio and TV in 1970. It's just not good for you. I should know. I smoked for years. I still struggle. It sucks. If you need some good reasons to quit, I've included a list below the video.  

Reasons to Quit Smoking!
1. Your breath stinks
2. You can get cancer
3. Your nails and your smoking hand can yellow
4. Your teeth can get all stained and nasty
5. Hot guys/girls may not want to kiss you
6. It's expensive
7. It can kill you
8. It can stunt your sex life
9. It causes wrinkles
10. You're better than that!