American Soldier Paul Ieti shows off his pipes in an incredible way.  Dressed in his Army camouflage, Paul performs for an audience of one and blows her away! At the end of the song you can hear her saying "woah!"  This is a cover you don't want to miss!

Rihanna and Mikky Ekko have a HUGE hit right now with their song 'Stay' and this guy could very much give them a run for their money! You can check out his YouTube channel here to listen to more covers he's done.  While you're there you will definitely want to check out his Alicia Keys cover! Your heart may actually melt!

Paul has one of those voices that is so effortless, and amazing.  I'm sure he didn't realize how big this video would go, with almost 287,000 views in just over a week. On his YouTube channel his about me says he just wants to "share his God-given talent with the world."  Thanks for sharing your talent Paul! You keep it up and you will go far!