Dr Dre Officially Announces New Album [VIDEO]
After rumors of the fabled Detox album, for more than a decade, Dre has finally admitted to finishing an album (albeit secretly), which will serve as the soundtrack for the new Straight Outta Compton movie.
Lose Yourself in These 15 Facts About ‘8 Mile’
Did you know that Eminem has more Oscars than Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp? Combined? Eminem won the Oscar for Best Song (“Lose Yourself”) in 2003, but didn’t even bother showing up to the awards presentation because he thought there was no chance we’d ev…
Eminem Comes Out As Gay… In ‘The Interview’ [VIDEO, NSFW]
I've being saying from day one, that with all the hype behind Sony Pictures latest comedy, 'The Interview', staring Seth Rogen and James Franco, could all just be an insane promotional scheme. Well it sure didn't take long for another major scene to get leaked. This one shows one…

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