Lazarus Benson

Monday Magic With Lazarus: Money To Burn [VIDEO]
Lazarus Benson, Casper's #1 magician supreme has done it again! Card tricks are always fun, especially when they're interactive, but adding a little flair, of fire in this case, makes this week's trick even better.
Monday Magic With Lazarus: Awesome Prediction [VIDEO]
Lazarus Benson has wow-ed us with everything from cards tricks, street magic, predictions, body tricks and even levitation. For this week's episode, he combines the card trick with a prediction, while barely even handling the cards!
Monday Magic With Lazarus: Guess The 5 Cards [VIDEO]
Lazarus Benson has pulled off some pretty amazing feats over the course of his career. Some have been more difficult to pull off then others, but sometimes it's not the level of difficulty that makes a magic trick great... it's the "awe factor".

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