Aquile Releases New Music Video [VIDEO]
Aquile is back it with another awesome music video, this time for his original song: "London". There's an awesome love story behind the song, but you'll probably have to ask him face-to-face to get the full details. One thing is for certain, the song is most definitely a hit.
Naked Man Rides London Statue For Three Hours
As Randy Newman warned us years ago, you should beware of the naked man. In London, they should beware of THIS naked man, who decided to ride a statue in the London chill. The man, who was not identified, stripped down in the chill of late-November London, and then climbed onto the statue of a […
Lady Gaga Leaves Bathtub of Blood in London, Scares Workers
And we thought that whole “peeing in trash cans” thing and the meat dress were weird! Turns out the hotel staff at a swanky London establishment were somewhat terrified by what Lady Gaga left behind in one of their rooms when she stayed there: a bathtub full of blood. According to The …