Top Television Shows of All Time
The "Hollywood Reporter" has put out a list of Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows. To do it, they surveyed more than 100 "insiders" . . . including hundreds of actors, producers, and directors.
Before you get upset, remember: This is NOT a list of the 'bes…
Amazing Supercut of TV Catchphrases [VIDEO]
There are numerous classic catchphrases in the history of television. How anyone had time to find dang near ALL of them is quite impressive, and someone did.
I played a few of these classic TV lines on my show today. Man, what great memories! I nearly forgot some of them.
Best TV Clips of the Week [VIDEOS]
You have 6,000 channels (or about that) but have you seen everything? No worries, we've tracked down the five best clips that will either have you ROFL or wiping away the tears.