Did Taylor Swift leak a breakup song about her ex Harry Styles through a decoy?

Okay, we're totally on the fence as to whether this is Swift or not, since it sure sounds exactly like her! It sounds too much like her not to be her.

The singer admittedly, via tweet, hit the studio after her split with One Direction's most popular member. Everyone and their grandmother assumed T. Swizzle would swiftly –- pun intended -- pen a song about the romance-gone-wrong.

Then, 'I'm Alright, a song that sounds like a post-split Swift, down to the vocal tones and guitar chords, lands online, and full of intimate detail that sound authentic.

According to Taste of Country, it turns out the song 'I'm Alright' was written and performed by a 15-year-old girl from Tokyo who goes by the handle JerseyGreen13. Swift's lucky number is 13, BTW.

She tweeted: "But I actually tried my very best to write it without saying a single bad thing about Harry Styles."

The track has exploded on the web, since it sounds SO much like Swift. Could JerseyGreen13 be a decoy to leak the song? Is Swift trying to send secret messages to Styles via song? Did she want to tell her side of the story without trashing him? Is this her romantic way of speaking to him and telling him how much she loves him, through song, her best method of communication?

This could all be carefully calculated on Swift's part. She has showed up to the Golden Globes surprisingly pulled together. Yes, that makes her a consummate professional, but after her split with Styles, she has to be wrecked. She truly looked truly happy with him. For her part, looking good and living well seems to be the best revenge.

We're also baffled as to why a talented songwriter like JerseyGreen13 hasn't been snatched up by a label to be the next Taylor Swift? Is JG13 real? We can envision Directioners and Swifties trying to decode the meaning in that name from details in the Haylor romance.

It feels almost too good to be fake. Like we get the fan fiction phenomena but this is over the top. This is an actual song, a piece of art, with lyrics that make us go, "OMG, how sweet, Harry sang Stevie songs to Tay Tay! Which ones?!" It's that good and authentic-sounding.

PopCrushers do you think JerseyGreen13 is just really good at copying Taylor or is T. Swizzle fooling us all?

Listen to 'I’m Alright'